Hello retailers! We want to begin by thanking you for your time, and for looking into our brand. But before we dive into business, we'd like to tell you about us: the staff here at Nice Menswear.

Joseph (Joey) Fraser, Owner (left)

Joey, the owner, founded Nice Menswear in July of 2016. He has been passionate about entrepreneurship since childhood, running lemonade/candy stands in elementary school, beginning to invest in stocks by middle school, and even selling custom manufactured bracelets in high school. Coming from a very low income home, Joey has always been driven to succeed.

During his first year at Oregon State University, he took on a full-time internship opportunity with a residential painting company. Through his success as a first year branch manager intern, he received promotion to district manager after his first summer.

Using this experience, Joey decided to start his own business as a 3rd year student: Nice Menswear. 

Aside from running the business, Joey enjoys rock climbing, bowling, and watching shows like Shark Tank. He is also activity involved with a campus ministry group at OSU.



Clay Williams, Chief Sales Officer

Clay Williams is a freshman at Oregon State University. Growing up in Astoria, he was surrounded by exceptional role models, leaders, and those who put the needs of others before themselves. Growing up and drawing from his sphere of influence, he has always searched for opportunity to work and support others. When Joey approached him asking him to join the Nice Menswear team, he knew this was one of those opportunities that he simply couldn’t pass up.

Throughout high school, Clay was fortunate enough to have various leadership positions presented to him. He became passionate about athletics, student government, the school newspaper, and spending time with his good friends. Clay also umpired Little League Baseball and worked for a local beverage distribution company.

Understanding that he is a rookie in the local fashion industry, Clay hopes to draw upon his past roles and positions to provide the best experience possible for both customers and retailers.

For him, it’s less about the ties and more about who is behind the tie. He intentionally works with designers and retail because he wants to learn their stories. And hopefully, create new ones. 



Now that you know about us, here is why we'd love to work with you, and why you will love to work with us:


1) Student Designed and Operated

We are student founded, all of our designs are student created, and all operations are student preformed.

By operating this way, Nice Menswear supports students by giving them the ability to grow their resume, a means of income, and a way to express themselves.


2) Quality products

Currently, Nice Menswear only sells neckties and bow ties, but we sell some darn good ones. All of our ties and bow ties have premium quality wool interior linings for increased comfort and a desirable hand-feel, our neckties are self-tipped, and our products come in arguably the most desirable sizes on the market. These sizes are 8cm (3.15 inch) for neckties, and 6cm (2.35 inch) for bow ties. 


3) Customer service

You're not working with the "BIGCOMPANY" sales rep #12 around their schedule, you're working with Clay and Joey directly, available 24/7 for your convenience. 

For local businesses, you can expect same-day/next-day delivery.

For non-local businesses, you can expect same-day/next-day shipment.

For all businesses, you can expect our full attention and service around the clock.


4) Prices

Our wholesale prices are 50% off retail. To receive this wholesale discount you must be a retailer, and hit our minimum order quantity listed below. 


5) Minimums and reorders

We ask for retailers to make a minimum first-time order of $150. Once in our network, we simply ask for reorders to be above $100.

To speak with Joey directly, he can be reached at (541) 788-2435 or Joey@nicemenswear.com


To speak with Clay directly, he can be reached at Clay@nicemenswear.com